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The Goodbye Guide is outstanding! It’s like having your own personal life coach (and best friend any time of day) in the palm of your hand! Author Von Fisher does a superb job of writing and coaching! She gently urges the reader to ask the questions And make the decisions that will enhance their life! In addition the book is gorgeous to look at! It has great quotes and illustrations sprinkled throughout!

So “grab a coffee or tea and understand…” “the answers are within” and the author will be with you every step of the way. I strongly recommend this book and look forward to more from Coach Fisher in the future!

-Amazon Reviewer

OK, so let me take a wild guess and say that you or someone you know is thinking about leaving a relationship. Am I right? The truth of the matter is that relationships are a pivotal part of our lives but when you’re making a decision about whether to stay in one or to leave, several questions come to mind. “Am I doing the right thing?” “What if he changes?” “Is this relationship healthy?”

My friend, say hello to the “Goodbye Guide”, your new best friend as you walk this journey of self-discovery and empowerment! It is the beginning of a pivotal journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The “Goodbye Guide” is a journal that will help you to understand:

  • Who you are as an individual, including your personal values and how that sets the stage for your relationships
  • What’s going on in your relationship and whether your relationship is healthy and complimentary of your own lifestyle goals
  • Ultimately, how to either live with your current relationship or how to gracefully say, “goodbye”
  • As an added bonus, you’ll have a few kick-ass quotes to use as mantras when you need them

Thank you for trusting your journey to the “Goodbye Guide”. This process works if you work it.

Rise and Shine,

“The Goodbye Guide” is thoughtful and a helpful process of discovery for a relationship. I love that it starts from personal core values and builds from there, keeping you honest with yourself,about what you need in a relationship and without judgment. I actually found the process to be very positive and reaffirming. It also brought to light some of what I forget to ask myself or take into consideration. I really enjoyed this process and found it very helpful and enlightening. It helped lift some of the burden of knowing what to ask myself, or how to go about figuring out what I really want and need to do. I would recommend this journal to anyone at a pivotal point in their relationship.

-Amazon Reviewer

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The Goodbye Guide is a very thought provoking guide in relationship decision making. The author spoke to my heart and mind on many occasions if what could have been done and what you do in the future. I will use this guide often to help keep a healthy relationship.

-Amazon Reviewer



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