How’s your 2021 going so far? Now that we are over the Capitol bullshit and have basked in Inauguration Bliss, hopefully, we are back to our high-vibe selves and ready to crush our 2021 goals. I want to share my 2 cents about the key ingredient to goal execution.  Committing to a goal or habit is all about making a conscious and intentional effort to fully embody the essence of the goal. 


By “becoming the person”, I mean that you genuinely become the person who does what you want to do (none of that “fake it til you make it” bullshit).  It means that your values, behaviors, and habits come into alignment with the vibration of what you want.  Make it as second nature and non-negotiable as showering or brushing your teeth. This one ingredient is the bridge between who you are and who you want to be.

You Have to Embody Your Goal (or Cher – whatever works for you)

Here’s an example: If your goal is to write the great American novel, ask yourself  “What do writers do?”  Nine times out the ten, they write every day (even if it’s just a paragraph, even if it’s not excellent). Then make the decision to become a person who writes every single day. Again, this should be as non-negotiable as showering and brushing your teeth. If someone says asks what you do, your answer should be “I’m a writer”. Nevermind that you make a living as a Starbucks barista. YOU ARE A WRITER. YOU DO THE THINGS THAT WRITERS DO. WRITING IS PART OF YOUR ESSENCE.If you don’t know what those things are (besides writing), ask other writers. If you don’t know any writers, there is a wealth of information on Al Gore’s internet. As Iyanla says, do the work. By the way, if the idea of writing every day sounds like a burden, go back to the drawing board and ask yourself if this is a vanity goal or a values-based goal.

I believe that one of the reasons people fail at new year’s resolutions is because they focus on the end result more than they focus on the journey to the goal. The journey involves the small things you do every day that brings you closer and closer to becoming someone who ___________(fill in the blank). 

As we move into the last few days of January, it’s likely that the vast majority of people have faltered on their goal. Don’t be one of those people 🙂