I had a completely different message to share today but it seemed more fitting to express some shared discontent (and encouragement)  that most of us have as a result of the January 6th riots. I’m usually pretty good at avoiding the news and social media.  Not watching these things is self-care for us sensitive souls. I’ll admit, though……I allowed the events of this week to completely throw me out of alignment.

The empath in me was unraveled.  I cried for our country, I cussed for the hypocrisy, and like most Americans, I was highly disgusted and disappointed (not surprised, just disappointed). I was telling someone that memes and meditation were the only things getting me through the aftermath of Wednesday but now that I think about it, it also took cartoons, cat videos, and journaling.

To me, this travesty adds to the cumulative trauma we experience whenever some absurd terror happens.  Sadly, though, the collective won’t change until each individual intentionally and relentlessly begins to tap into conscience to determine how we can shed antiquated attitudes, beliefs, ideologies, and groupthink. 

As much as people can relate to the outrage and shock of Wednesday’s riot, I had to remind myself that my thoughts, my mood, and my mental health are MY responsibility.  We can’t undo Wednesday. We can’t change minds. All we can do is protect our energy and our peace.  We can only move forward gracefully practicing respect, truth, and above all, critical thinking.

At some point, collective acceptance, love, goodwill, and decency will prevail but for now, please take care of your emotional and mental health.  Do what you can to protect your peace. Preserve your energy for people and situations that bring peace and joy. Sending hugs and good vibes.